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The first SOS Project in Azad Jammu & Kashmir was planned for Makri in Muzaffarabad on a piece of land donated by the Government. By 2004 a whole Children’s Village was constructed with 12 house units, dispensery, mosque and a girl’s high school. The Village was to be inaugurated in 2005 but was struck by an earth quake which destroyed most of the building.

Nestled among the beautiful Valleys of Kashmir it seemed as an ideal location for an SOS Village. The area is the financial and cultural capital of Pakistan administered Kashmir and is revered for its touristic sites and beautiful weather. The local economy mostly depends on agriculture, tourism and foreign remittance. Compared to the rest of Pakistan it has an unusually high literacy rate of over 64%. In 2005 the area was the epicentre of a devastating earthquake which destroyed most of Muzaffarabad. Independent estimates put the number of dead as high as a 100,000 people in the region with another 3 million displaced by the destruction.

Restoration and reconstruction of the site started soon after. 8 houses and the dispensary were restored while the school and staff quarters were constructed again. As of 2013, the project is fully functional with children living there. The facility is currently functioning as a Children’s Village until the new Village is built in Sundgran, whereupon it would be converted into a Youth Home.

The admin block has been restored and converted into a School for boys, which is currently fully equipped and furnished. A reputed private schools network, Head Start schools are currently managing this facility.


SOS Children’s Village, Muzaffarabad

Eid Gah Road Village Makri Muzaffarabad.

Azad Jammu & Kashmir.



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