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SOS Children's Village Muzaffarabad

A chain of SOS Children’s Villages is working effectively in the country. Subsequent to the initial proposal to establish this project, the earthquake of October 2005 orphaned hundreds of children. Those admitted to SOS are in temporary emergency shelters and will be moved to this facility once completed.

SOS Children’s Village was built in Muzaffarabad but as it was completed a severe earthquake hit this area in 2005 and partially destroyed it. Buildings which remain all safe will be used as Youth Home and the remaining facilities will be built at the proposed site at Sundgran. A boys High School will be built at the old site and Community Centre will be improved for use as Administrative Office.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sialkot

Sialkot is the fourth largest industrial city in Punjab and a major producer of sports goods and surgical instruments.

SOS Children’s Village in Sialkot was established in 2005 in the village of Khambranwala. This is a rural area which is mostly surrounded by farmland, houses, and a large irrigation canal. A primary school was functional in the SOS Children’s Village Sialkot but there was no secondary school due to which the children had to go to local community schools in the city for further education. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sialkot is to be built next to the existing village in order to provide good quality education to the children of SOS Village Sialkot as well as to the underprivileged children from the nearby Khambranwala village. This will help to minimize travel costs for our children who had to travel to the city for secondary education and will also help SOS Children to integrate with the children from surrounding communities.

The SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sialkot will provide children with all the facilities to help promote their growth and development. A career counselor will offer guidance to help these children realize their greatest aspirations. In order to improve capacity of imparting knowledge, teachers training will be conducted twice a year. Training workshops will be arranged for the SOS families, communities and care givers to improve the structures and systems to protect children.

SOS Children's Village Peshawar

Peshawar is one of the largest cities In Pakistan and an important cultural and economic hub of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city has vast influence on the northern regions of Pakistan and even in Afghanistan as it serves as a major trans-border hub.

A new SOS Children’s Villages is under construction in Peshawar which will serve as the first of its kind care facility for orphans and abandoned children of the city and the surrounding communities.

This project is located on the Main boulevard road, 300 meters from the entrance of Hayatabad Township.

The basic concept revolves around providing orphans and abandoned children a home with an environment as close to a normal family household as possible. Our aim is to provide orphans, deprived, abandoned and homeless children, with love and care which children in a normal household would get, thus nurturing them to develop into confident, able and skilled human beings who will become an asset to their community and society in general.

The village covers an area of 6.25 acres and shall consist of 15 family homes, each accommodating 10 children, a Community Centre, a School, a Youth Home for boys reaching adolescence, an Office and Staff Quarters. We have planned for sufficient play and sports areas with recreational facilities. Our villages are not integrated in the community. The homes are located close to each other and are interconnected by pathways.

As of 2015 the constructions for the Village has been completed and only finishing works are now going on.

SOS is now expanding this Village to further include a Youth Facility and a School.

Peshawar Youth Home

SOS believes in not just providing a home for orphans and abandoned children but a complete program in order to train and educate these children in order to them productive members of the society. Due to local religious and cultural norms SOS boys are separated when they reach adolescence and start living in a Youth Facility. This is a purpose built facility especially catering to the needs of adolescent boys who will start preparing for an independent life and towards building their education and future career

SOS Youth Home would consist of bedrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen and a cafeteria and the boys would be looked after by a male Youth Home director who would act as a father figure in their life and take care of their emotional needs and well-being in all aspects of life.

Peshawar School

A SOS higher secondary school is also being constructed in Peshawar. The school will provide subsidized quality education to SOS Children as well as underprivileged children from the surrounding communities. The project aims to not just have an impact on SOS children but a much wider impact in the locality. The well-equipped school will consist of all the amenities found in other quality schools, including spacious class rooms, a principal office, conference room, tuck shop, separate biology, physics, chemistry and computer laboratories and a library.

Islamabad Youth Home

SOS Children’s Village Islamabad is in need of a Youth Home for focused attention on the needs of the older boys. Young boys and girls grow up together in the SOS Children’s Villages so that the homes are as normal as possible. However, when the boys reach adolescence, they are moved to a separate facility which is exclusively for boys. They remain in our care until they have completed their education/skill training and are capable of earning their own livelihood.

The boys in the Youth Home are cared for by qualified staff and their various needs appropriately met, as in the Village.

List of other upcoming projects

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  • SOS Children's Village Khairpur
  • SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Karachi Extension
  • SOS Tecnical Training Institute Multan

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